Our philosophy is simple...   To bring great design to everyone!

Our Mission
We take client's dreams and
create extraordinary spaces
that fit their personality and
style.  By listening to client's
requests we can create a
cohesive space that not only
fits with the existing
architecture of the
home but adds function &

Great design is completely
dependant on planning.  As a
client you need plans which
should include: a well
thought-out floor plan,
elevations, & material
selections to make your ideas
come to life.  We provide
consultation services or
complete plans with our
Design Retainer.

We CHOOSE to be a Design-Only Firm
This decision makes us stand out among the competition - we can
provide the best possible design solutions without being tied to
certain manufacturers.  By being able to shop around for
products, design becomes affordable for everyone.  We help to
narrow your choices in product selection.  Specification of product
possibilities with your budget in mind is one of our specialties.

Being a design-only firm also provides our clients with peace of
mind in regards to the bidding or estimating process.  When you
give our plans to a contractor to bid, you will know that all the
details are included to get an accurate bid from him/her.  Being
design-only affords us time to concentrate on the important details
of the project.
A Collaborative Effort
We believe that all projects are a collaborative effort.  We
choose to work with other industry professionals (builders,
architects, contractors, etc.) to create your personal space.  The
Kitchen & Bath are the most detailed areas of the home and
require a great deal of planning.  Only a Kitchen & Bath
professional has the expertise to make your remodel or new
construction plans a success.  We can recommend an industry
professional to execute our design, the one that is right for your